Monday, December 24, 2012

When To Start Shopping For Discount Golf Bags

Do you find yourself looking at your golf bag in horror? Trust me it has happened to us all.

Pockets are falling off seeking to be completely missing. Our once five way divider is looking more like a 2 ½ way divider. I mean it happens; the wear and tear is likely to show just like our bodies. It is hard to go 7 days a week with no rest, one day we are going to collapse. The main thing is knowing ourselves, our bodies and knowing when we are about to collapse, taking one look at your bag, you should know when it is about to go.

The hardest part is getting out of that denial. Many of us will live in denial about our golf bags until we are left with a strap wrapped around our clubs, while we are dragging them on the course. There are many reasons why we go into denial about our golf bag.

One of the main reasons is the cost of golf bags. Year after year the price goes up, usually in increments of $10.00. If this continues in 2016 when the belly putter ban is official, we are going to have to pay $209.99 for a Sunday carry bag. Luckily there are great websites that offer great discount golf bags to us normal folk who can’t afford or justify the spending of $300.00 on a decent bag.

It is hard to find a bag you find acceptable online to shop for but my greatest suggestion is just look. They are out there, weather you are looking to purchase a stand bag because you’re looking to walk the course for the exercise or a cart bag because you enjoy the ride. There are also many, many different manufacturer’s that produce golf bags that are high quality and offer a cheaper alternative. One of the best brands I have found out there is Ogio.

Ogio has created top of the line golf bags for years now and for the 2013 year, the year that isn’t supposed to exist due to the apocalypse, (sorry Mayans, you can’t always be right), they have unleashed everything they had and held back in no aspect of the development and innovation phase of their process.

You can even find Ogio Golf Bags at Discount prices, the new ones. It is amazing what you can find online to save you money. If you are in the denial phase of the golf bag purchase process, do me a favor and yourself a favor.

Step outside or to your bedroom on the pillow next to yours or wherever your golf bag maybe, take one look at it and if you hear yourself sigh or if you begin to tear, immediately find yourself a brand new bag and upgrade the keeper of your clubs.